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Alison Weatherby

Author, editor, content strategist

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The Secrets Act 

Pearl and Ellen are recruited to work at code-cracking HQ, Bletchley Park, during World War Two.

When the girls stumble across a sinister plot which threatens the very soul of the war effort, their budding friendship is put to the test – especially when their hearts are on the line. Who can they really trust, who can they afford to fall for, and can they solve the greatest puzzle of their lives before it’s too late?

A thrilling, nail-biting YA mystery with themes of friendship, loyalty, secrets and a dash of romance. 

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News & Reviews

As soon as I started The Secrets Act, I was drawn into its world. The tense, drizzly atmosphere of wartime England, the trail of intriguing clues, the deepening friendships and thrilling hints of romance – what’s not to love? Alison is a fresh YA talent to watch!

Kesia Lupo, Senior Editor, Chicken House

Read the announcement in The Bookseller.

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About Alison Weatherby

Alison Weatherby is the author of The Secrets Act, which was discovered through Chicken House's 2020 Open Coop. 


Alison writes young adult mysteries from her soggy home in Dublin, which is surprisingly not very different from where she grew up in rainy Seattle, USA. She likes to run, listen to funny podcasts and curl up with a juicy spy novel in front of the fire (when her two kids, husband, and giant dog allow her, that is). 

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